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This wiki is intended to be a landing spot for the NFC-WISP project, so that the community can easily post and share info.
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  • Alanson Sample alanson.sample@disneyresearch.com
  • Yi Zhao (Eve) yizhao@uw.edu

Project Introduction:

  • The NFC-WISP is a programmable, sensing and computationally enhanced platform designed to explore new RFID enabled sensing and user interface applications.
  • The NFC-WISP is fully powered and read by commercially available RFID readers (including NFC enabled smart phones). The hardware supports ISO-14443 Type A/B and ISO-15693 protocol, however, we only implements and test ISO-14443 Type B in firmware.
  • Excess harvested power can be stored in an optional super-capacitor or thin-film battery enabling operation away from the reader.
  • This open-source platform includes temperature and acceleration sensors, 2MB of FRAM, LEDs and an optional 2.7” active bi-stable matrix E-ink display. Expansion headers allow access to the microcontroller allowing for rapid prototyping of new applications.

If you're new to WISPs you may want to check out the UHF-WISP page which is dedicated to the far-field Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform.

This project is supported in part by NSF Grant CNS-1305072, entitled "CI-ADDO-EN: Infrastructure for the RF-Powered Computing Community." Additional support from NSF Grant EEC-1028725, Intel Corporation, Disney Corporation, and the Google Faculty Research Awards program.

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